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Thread: Michelin tyres

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    Michelin tyres

    Has anyone fitted these Michelin tyres to their Gen2. I'm a road rider. Mostly sunny days but if it rains I still get a shift on.
    Michelin Road 5 Motorcycle Tyre Pair - 120/70 ZR17 (58W) & 190/55 ZR17 (75W)

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    Hi don't know if this will help I have a 17 factory and run the same tyres I am 2000 miles into my 4th set on this bike have been very happy with them one of my ridding mates on s1000rr now runs them too one of the other guys with a 17 factory on power RS is going for the road 5's he made me laugh the other week and said the bikes in front of me are on road 5's so that's whyI will be going for them . I ride all year only for pleasure no commuting first went to sport touring tyre because some race schools use them and thought they will be good enough for me , I have been to the Ron Haslem race school on the 600 with the Dunlop road smart 3, at end the Dunlop guy gives a talk and tells you have just been riding on sport touring tyres and most of you have the wrong tyres on your bike for road use hey we are happy to sell your sports tyres that last half the time but they don't work properly most the time you can't get the heat into them to get them to work the chemicals but the sport touring tyre are made to work in a much wider temperature range and last longer .
    so think you have to be honest with your self will I ever out ride these tyres don't think most of use can . It doesn't do much for cred with sport touring tyres on the bike but you will be safer , my bike came with super corse the couple of times I got them to a working temp or close on the road they were bloody fab but then had to slow down or came to a set of lights and in the cold or wet I was a very nervous rider it was in February 18 put my 1st set of road 5's on and on a wet day in Wales found myself riding hard in the wet harder than ever before was pushing the front in like never before what a buzz to be honest I thought you daft tw-- but I was sold on them I am no racer just a normal weekend rider like most with a bike way to powerful for my skill set

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    hi , I run pilot road 3,s on my gen 2 and have found them very confidence inspiring in the wet , fantastic in the dry .

    I always have been a bit cautious in the wet but since fitting the 3,s a couple of years ago they've made me far quicker in the wet .

    im not a kneedown absolut nutter , just far more confident .

    I go away abroad on the bike with a couple of mates every year , it always rains somewhere in france and the tyres have boosted confidence so much that im now sort of immune to

    riding in the rain /wet .

    so the 5,s can only be an improvement and will be my next fitment choice !!

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