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Thread: Tyre choice

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    Tyre choice

    Yes that old chestnut,
    got a set of Dunlop qualifiers on it at the minute, and while the rear isn't totally shagged its squared off and past its best, but as usual the front is about half worn.
    Anyway the bike is not likely to get huge usage over winter, but I do try to get out at least once a month, so I'm thinking I'll stick a new dunlop on the rear for now and swap the pair early next year for a different set. I've had continental sport attacks on other bikes and really liked them has anyone fitted a set to the T? or what would you recommend?

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    Michelin Pilot Power 2ct cheap as chips good mileage and the stick all the way to the edge. Tyre leader are the best on price usually just mail order and get someone to fit them 68 for front 89 for rear

    Pilot power (not 2ct) will save you some money and equally as goo as the 2ct

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    I've run a whole lotta Angels on ma T, St's and GT's and only slid the front a couple of times unexpectedly.

    Ran a set on ma sooperdook but destroyed them quick time then changed to road pilot 4's, the rear squirmed when it got overly hot fir Nesbitland.

    Changed the 4's for the pilot 5's in time for a hurl tae northern Spain,,,,,,,,,,was well impressed wae them.

    Am running a set of power rs on ma duc and the rear now looks like a thruppenny bit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fukk knows whits going on there but as yet a can't feel it.

    A decided a wee while back to bite the bullet and go for rear and front change at the same time,,,,,,fukk runnin aboot wae a fuckkd front waitn fir the rear to wear oot, feels like a new machine when yer get a new front fitted.

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