Hello All, have a issue and looking for any solutions/suggestion?

1. My 2007 Tuono stopped running while pulling into a gas station. Totally dead checked the obvious, towed it home
2. Replaced the Shorai battery with a new standard battery, Came back to life but its only charging at 12.5 to 12.75, Also tachometer needle is whacky wont sweep and settle as normal.!!
3. Read all the forum issues, thanks to all the great threads, So I replaced the Stator from RMStator, and Voltage Regulator yesterday. But, Still same issues, the Charging at 12.5 to 12.75, and tachometer is still not correct, it wont show RPM.
4. Checked all fuses and general connections etc. Put the old Voltage regulator back on with new Stator and same readings...

Suggestions welcomed.
GF in Atlanta GA...