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Thread: The old non start problem

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    The old non start problem

    Hello guys

    Unfortunately not been on the site for a long time but had work commitments that meant I havenít ridden the bike for about 2 years, anyway I now have time to get her back out but the git wonít start.

    I have read a billion other ďwonít startĒ posts and canít find anyone else with this issue,

    Fitted new battery and new starter solenoid, when I turn the key the dash goes through the usual motions, no error codes etc, fuel pump primes, but when I press the starter - nothing, no clicking solenoid - nothing

    Battery showing 12.7v, side stand switch working, clutch in etc etc

    Please could someone point me the next place to try, I opened up the kill/starter switch, no corrosion all wires look fine, Iím a bit stumped now. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Bollox, it’s an 03 tuono

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    Can't say for sure as mine is a gen 2, but 12.7 is low. I've swapped my battery out for a slightly bigger one (can't remember the model code right now!) to give a higher cranking ampage, usually has to be high 13 to start it cleanly.

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    It's not in gear?? Sorry I will get my coat

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    Side stand switch? Is there power getting to the solenoid on the “thin” control wire, does it turn over if you bridge across the main (big) connections on the solenoid, make sure it’s out of gear first, I would guess the new solenoid not working or wires to it not connected securely/ correctly. Sometimes I’ve known solenoids stick, when you press the starter give the solenoid a few taps with a small mallet or screw driver handle but be mindful of it “sticking” in the on position, I’d try it first with solenoid cable to starter motor cable disconnected

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