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Thread: The old non start problem

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    The old non start problem

    Hello guys

    Unfortunately not been on the site for a long time but had work commitments that meant I havenít ridden the bike for about 2 years, anyway I now have time to get her back out but the git wonít start.

    I have read a billion other ďwonít startĒ posts and canít find anyone else with this issue,

    Fitted new battery and new starter solenoid, when I turn the key the dash goes through the usual motions, no error codes etc, fuel pump primes, but when I press the starter - nothing, no clicking solenoid - nothing

    Battery showing 12.7v, side stand switch working, clutch in etc etc

    Please could someone point me the next place to try, I opened up the kill/starter switch, no corrosion all wires look fine, Iím a bit stumped now. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Bollox, it’s an 03 tuono

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