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Thread: Seat removal

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    Seat removal

    Hi All, I’m new to the site.

    Bike Battery is flat. Trying to remove it so I can put on trickle charge as I’ve got no garage or anywhere to leave it connected.

    I’ve undone one seat bolt but the other just keeps spinning and won’t come out and the plastic won’t budge at all!

    Annoying to say the least! Any ideas how I get it out so I can remove the seat??!!!

    Oh and my tank now has micro bubbling from being stood outside under cover since October. Any chance of getting rid of them or is it a new tank job?


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    Hi, I remember seeing previously that somebody was able to remove the rear seat / Cowl and slip a long flat headed screwdriver under the nut and that was enough to stop it turning while they undid the bolt.

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