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Thread: Alternator/ stator fail. Letter to Aprilia campain

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    Alternator/ stator fail. Letter to Aprilia campain

    Hello everyone

    I am asking for names here. Have you been let down by a "not fit for purpose" 500 watt alternator/ stator fitted to pre 2009 RSV's and Tuonos?
    Have you bought the later 370 watt version? This retails at 700 plus.
    I have started correspondence with Aprilia who without putting a name to their e-mails have questioned there is a problem?

    I need names people, just names for the moment. If you have receipts etc, please save these for later.
    Please share this with other forums as wide as possible.


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    This is their reply printed in white on a white background with only the Aprilia logo visable!

    Dear Mr Isherwood,
    From the information that you have provided, regarding the battery and wiring - this does not sound isolated to a simple alternator failure.
    Under any circumstances Aprilia manage issues such as this and so far outside of the vehicle warranty on a case by case basis.
    Any assistance in repair of the alternator would be subject to inspection of the vehicle for any modification, tuning etc and full authorised dealer service history lack of which may have contributed to the initial failure.
    For this reason without having previously examined the vehicle, we cannot categorically guarantee that the repair would be covered under 'good will warranty'.
    Unfortunately we cannot further comment or provide any further support until the vehicle is examined at an authorised Aprilia service centre.
    Your Customer ID for future reference is %%%%%%%
    Kind regards,

    Aprilia Customer Services

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    Think that horse bolted long long time ago D min........
    Thanks from 2nd Chldhood

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    Loads had problems with stator failure, its well documented on the forum.
    Good luck getting anything out of Aprilia.

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    Usually at the top of the apple tree.
    Customer service ain't their strong point.

    So much so it stopped me buying another ape.

    And that's me never having any warranty issues.

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