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Thread: Tyre sizes and pressures?

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    Tyre sizes and pressures?

    My tyres have just about reached the end of their useful life.

    I have Dunlop Sportsmart3 front 120 and rear 190. They have worn very well with about 4500 miles on them. I ran them with 33psi front and rear.
    They took a little while in the cold to warm up and in this warm weather were nice and sticky with no "snotting" or bad wear marks.

    The only "problem" I have encountered was "turn in" would I be better off with a 180 on the rear [50/55]? I was used to 180's on my previous bike.

    Or should I stick to the 190's?

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    180 will give a quicker turn in.
    Tyre pressures are a personal thing, I rang 33/36 on my gen 2.

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