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Thread: Ignition lock wiring

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    Ignition lock wiring

    Hi there

    I run a quick search but nothing showed up.

    I'm experiencing an issue with my lock wiring.

    A little while ago all of a sudden mid-riding my instruments started flashing and the bike was turning on and off. I took it to the mechanic and he identified a cable from their lock wiring had gotten loose. He soldered it back together but he told me that it probably will break off again and the only real solution would be to actually replace the lock.

    Now the actual part that has the problem is detachable and It fixes on the bottom of the lock, but Aprilia doesn't sell it separate and a full lock system is pretty expensive.

    Has anyone experienced this before? Do you have any solutions?

    I found out that for some bikes ... for example the Pegasso... you can buy from aprilia a full lock for a scooter (30-40), take it apart and use the part you need. And save buying a pegaso lock (200).

    Do you know if there is another lock that matches?

    Does anyone have a spare lock that I could use to detatch the part I need?

    I'm trying to find a solution that is cheap, reliable and doesn't require me to have 2 keys (tank and seat)

    Appreciate the help

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    Make sure you left enough slack under the cover and tighten with zip tie on the entry so it doesn't move

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    Thanks for the reply Dimania.

    This is what I have done now, but I noticed that the cables have hardened over the years and I'm afraid a new break might be inevitable.

    I'm going to leave it as is for now and hopefully it will be fine.

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