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Thread: possible stator whoes again

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    possible stator whoes again

    hi guys had my t for 5 yrs now its an 07, stator been rewound twice,first time in 2014,then in july 16,both times west/c/w, first time after market r/r, 2016 aprilia r/r,had to get recovered again sunday gone,same faults,started running rough,back firing ect,we stopped at richmond then would not start,even tried bump start, new battery 2016 aswel,asuming its the stator again which would you go for,after market,aprilia,or another rewind ?,have talked to griff at A/P and they have not got an anwser,they are trialing a rewound stator from a possible new supplyer but need another 2500 miles trialing it,any help much apreciated.

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    Hi mate, I've got a 2007 and had a rewound stator about 4 year ago and it didn't last I swapped it for aftermarket from Moto electricals IMG_0129.jpgIMG_0130.jpgand also replaced the regulator...(see pics) I fitted a cooling system from (check out there website) IMG_0129.jpgnot sure if this really helps but I've had no problems since..cheers

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    If its been rewound twice, the second time not that long ago, I'd say get a new one

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