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Thread: Kinda Newbie

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    Kinda Newbie

    Hi guys,

    Been a member and reader for a while. Had a Gen 1 '04 Tuono for 2 years. Loved it, but my it was far from trouble free!
    Battery eating SOB. Warped discs, Solenoids and the week before I sold it I put a new sprag on her.
    I was looking for something new, Hayabusa was the only thing that gave a me a lazy lob, but it just wasn't right.
    Something about the Tuono twin just awakens my soul.
    So, bought an 07 Gen 2 last week and love it! 12k miles, black with blue wheels.

    My brief question Gen 2s suffer from the same issues as Gen 1s? Yuasa only? Solenoids? Sprags?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Stator problem is one of (if not the biggest) problem. That and face pain, from smiling so much when ridden.
    Thanks from semajohn89

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