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Thread: Which Gen 2 Factory has the better 350w PSU?

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    Which Gen 2 Factory has the better 350w PSU?

    Hi All,
    I'm looking had for a Factory Tuono. I've been reading lots and heard all about the 500w PSU causing all sorts of trouble!
    What id like to know is how to spot a gen 2 factory that has the updated PSU?
    I've noticed 06-07 have the iodised blue wheels and 08-10 have Gold wheels to suit the frame.
    Would i be correct to think the Gold Rim models are the later bikes with improved PSU?

    Ps, anybody got one of these willing to part with? Preferably with Akapovic Exhausts.
    I've spotted one at an Aprilia Dealers, with factory cans but looking 6k and will not budge on price
    by the time i get it home, fit pipes etc it works out expensive..

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    Starting with engine number 8176929 during the 2008 model year, a 370W rotor AP0296988 replaced the 500W unit that was burning the stators.
    Thanks from rodstawaa

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