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    im here to get some insight. I am scheduled to have my 2010 v2 tuono 1000r custom tuned by my dealer. The tech says he can crack into the ecu and custom tune the ecu. Now, he is a highly trained tech from italy, sent here by ducati, worked on troy bayliss' infostradda team and has equal experience with Aprilia. Now I dont really doubt his skills but I just want to know if anyone was able to have this done anywhere else

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    He'll need to have an Axone or Navigator diagnostics tool to access the ecu.
    Strictly speaking, it's not normally re-programmable.
    The only person to have knowingly cracked the code is Gabro (you'll find him on AF1) who is an software genius.
    It took him several years to do this.
    Basically IF he has the correct diagnostic tool, he can switch between Map variant 1, or Map variant 2.
    But that's hardly 'cracking' the ecu code. ANY decent Aprilia service tech can do this.
    And that's it i'm afraid.

    Ask your tech if he's heard of Gabro....if not, I'd respectfully suggest he's talking out of his arse.

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    Gabro on af1 said he isn't the only one to do it

    But if this guy has why isn't more common knowledge?

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