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Thread: power commander

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    power commander

    Hi thinking of getting a power commander fitted to my 2010 factory but dont know weather its going to make a lot of differance as anybody fitted one and could shed some light about it thanks.

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    I picked up a second hand one off ebay, and once I'd paid for a custom map I thought the improvement was good....but not night/day.

    If I'd paid full price for PCiii as well as custom map I'd have been a bit disappointed.

    However adding the PCIII meant I could plug & play a that is worth it 10 times over. Best mod ever.

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    HI pleased to hear the pc and in particular quickshifter makes such a difference .Im looking into going down this route with my 06 model. Got couple more trackdays booked and fancy having a crack at some hill climb events for a hoot !!

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