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Thread: Handbook/manual - Anyone know of a free download ?

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    Handbook/manual - Anyone know of a free download ?

    As per the title; collected my new T today, but the dealer hadn`t sorted the handbook.......

    Anyway, I`ve tried the link on the forum, and it`s saying "unavailable" now, and although the dealer has (supposedly) ordered me a new handbook, I would just like one sooner, rather than later, just for tyre pressures, suspension settings, what the trip functions do, etc....

    I`ve also Googled it, but everyone seems to want money for them at the moment.

    Any ideas at all ?

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    Mate, you`re an absolute gentleman; thankyou very much !!

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    Great links. Cheers.

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    aye good one min...jist increased mah bikey info pdf library wi another 20Mb

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