Does anyone have any knowledge about LeoVince SBK Oval EVO 2? Is there more different types of headers diameter and what are diameters of those headers? Also pipe for that system... Inlet and exit diameters? Thanks for any help. Simply can't find information on the internet
But know big question... 2-2 or 2-1 system for Tuono gen1? I have now 2-2 (Tuono 2 original headers and some restored presumably Leo pipes). I got as a gift Leo SBK Titanium pipe and today headers for that pipe. They are both new and now I am not sure... Leave it as it is 2-2 or switch back to 2-1? That is why I need dimensions. If I have something normal ok. But if that 2-1 is something bigger, race spec... I should maybe go for 2-1? And do I need to make bypases on those 2-1 if they are race spec? Thanks for any help you can give

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