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Thread: Lights on/off cap

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    Lights on/off cap

    Does anyone know where I could get the little cap that goes where the on/off switch for the lights used to be as mine is missing.

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    the switch units are made by " domino " . these units are generic on lots of Italian bikes !! check out fleabay for a used unit .

    if all goes titsup I have a complete spare unit , minus the mode selector .

    " bike tourque" racing do them not sure of the prices tho , they tend to fluctuate .

    this is assuming were talking gen 2 !!!

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    Ah sorry I guess that I should have included that vital piece of info doh, mine is a gen 1

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    I have a Gen 1 L/H switch unit. It's the original EU design, without the on/off switch, so headlight always on. In v-good condition. PM me if interested. I'm located near Coventry, UK.

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