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Thread: Help with oz wheels 🙏🏻

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    Help with oz wheels 🙏🏻

    Hi dudes,
    Can anyone help Iíve got a pair of aprilia rsv r oz wheels which are blue and would like to have them the same colour as the racing Tuono are they anodised or gloss white is it possible to powder coat them as Iíve read the heat my compromise the magnesium ? If so how where the original racing Tuono wheels coloured white?


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    They're not made of magnesium ( we wish) but aluminium alloy.
    A friend of mine did powder coat them to white without any problems.

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    theyre forged aluminium alloy ,

    however there were a few rsvr nero limited edition models with a real hefty price tag that had magnesium wheels and loads of other magnesium trick bits on .

    easy to identlfy as they were all black or carbon body work with red wheels !!!!

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