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Thread: Ready for spring

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    Ready for spring

    This week I've begun the preparations for the new riding season, the fluids etc that needed changing have been changed, and a pre-mot carried out, during this when turning the bars lock to lock the forks were making contact, only lightly, with the tank. My first thought was the tank has swelled or distorted due to the witches brew we call fuel, but when I had a good look around the lock stops thinking could I adjust them or modify them I noticed one of them had a pair of o' rings half heartedly hung around it, the other lock stop was bare but had two grooves, so I slipped a pair of o' rings over it mounted on the grooves and changed the pair on the other stop, again mounted on the grooves, the forks no longer touched the tank.
    A mot test was booked, the ride through is about nine miles most of which is twisty country roads, the roads were dry and relatively salt free after a few days of heavy rain previously, fresh fuel in the tank and it was ready, the ride was great but due to the cold I was wearing bulky winter gear which cut down total enjoyment as it's so difficult to move freely, but wow, can't wait for the weather to improve so enjoyment can be turned up full.
    The bike easily passed its mot and the tester expressed his admiration of the bike, its riding position and light weight, roll on spring.

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    Well done mate great to be out again. A few weeks for me but I'm counting then down

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