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    Spent a nice day in my garage , first one for a few months , really enjoyed it
    Made and fitted some heavy duty cables to the earth side , as per john walkers kits , did this last year on my Mille and it sat for 3 months , but started first press , my ( limited ) electrical knowledge says it shouldn't effect the battery drain issue but it seems to
    Also went to fit a k&n filter , but it's too big , the air box top is also bigger , but the tank won't sit properly with the early gen one Mille lid fitted , every day's a school day
    Anyway it now deserves some more CF , maybe a new mudguard ...

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    Do you have a good DIY step by step of the heavy duty earth cables? I want to try to just grab some 0 gauge wire or whatever is needed and run it myself as opposed to a kit but so far I don't even know what the kits look like.

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