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Thread: Tuono or swap

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    Tuono or swap

    I expect to get grilled on this lol,,, so past few months after a few pals have changed bikes and we have all decided to start to do a bit more touring uk/eu,

    over crimbo I've been thinking of possibly swapping the T for a FJR, only real reason i feel i need to is reliability and if the T will last high mls. i love the bike but ill always have a feeling at some point it may let me down while in the middle of no-wear ,thus not being able to enjoy the trip.

    your thoughts, having both isn't a option sadly,

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    Every year I go away with a couple of mates for 3 days or so. We cover 250-300 miles a day mainly on A and B roads. Only thing that went wrong with mine was a blown headlight.

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    I've put 28,000 km's (18,000 miles) on mine in the last two years. Been bloody reliable. A mate has a bike with just under 60,000 miles and it's not let him down. Came across a bloke with 80,000 miles on his last year. No real problems.
    I don't think lasting high miles will be an issue
    Keep the t. You'll regret it if you don't

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    i had 75k on my last bike, never missed a beat besides eating tyres and petrol lol

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    Had mine for 4 years, other than misting clocks no problem. However, I do know many who have had problems, sold them and moved on. Its down to you & how you feel about your bike.
    Good luck. The FJR is a good bike too

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