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Thread: L/H bar wiring fried 2003 Gen 1 Tuono

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    L/H bar wiring fried 2003 Gen 1 Tuono

    Hi All,

    I recently posted regarding the bike getting wet & now sulking. Had a proper look today & found the L/H switch gear totally fried (picture hopefully attached). It looks like I was not far away from
    a major meltdown (the bike, not me yet).

    The black shroud covering all the cables was full of moisture when I cut it away from the cables & both the front indicator wiring shows signs of overheating due to too much current flowing.

    I think this is from a Falco (the bike came with it fitted) but can anyone confirm?

    I have a watch on a local one taken from a 2000 Falco on Fleabay but just wanted to pick a few brains 1st.

    Thanks in advance
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    Wow, that's crazy! Good thing you caught it. My turn signal switch is mashed from the PO lowering the bike and it connecting with the tank every hard turn so I was looking for a replacement as well. I bought the cheap ones off the flea (like $4) and look like they'll do the job, let me know if you want a link to them. I have to raise the bike first but after I figure out how to do that, I'll be making the swap. The cheap universal fit ones looked like they'll suit my bill because even the cheapest used OEM were over $30.

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    Hi Tuonomik,

    I have a left hand switch unit if your interested - just PM me to agree a reasonable price. It's off my 2004 Tuono. Works perfect. Replaced it with one off a Mille which has a main beam switch.

    I'm only 20 mins from Tamworth, so you could collect or will post if preferred.

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