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    I just thought i'd like to share a short paragraph of writing written by an author friend of mine. He said my talk of riding the Tuono inspired him to write this;

    This entry was inspired by a friend i saw on his bike as i walked to town.
    The Riders
    A bike ride is not just an A to B thing, the roads are carefully chosen for their bends and corners, the bike and a generous dab of madness. Madness is the capsule that brings the riders back home once they have exhausted their thrills for speed, taking long shallow bends with their knees almost touching the ground, the wind blasting their bodies, and the G force almost ripping their arms from their shoulders. They are happy then. Recession, debts, England doing shit at football are no more an issue, everything goes by the way.
    Occasionally the traffic dies off and the riders claim the road for themselves, if the experience is enhanced with a beautiful sunshine and the countryside opens up.
    The bike seems to ride itself as the balance and the rider’s mental condition is fully open. Supreme control and a mind that can pick on the slightest detail. At that moment I am afraid to say even the wife and kids go by the way.
    A quick glance ahead, it is time to open up and watch the rev counter needle head for the red line. Tuck in and live the moment. A glance on the speedo and a grin.
    Therapy is complete, time to go back to the madness of life.

    Written by Ross Myles.

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    Too true! Motorbike are definately good therapy, in my view, and Tuonos supreme so!
    Thanks from Dame74

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    Very satisfying
    Thanks from Dame74

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    sounds about spot on to me !!!! brilliant

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