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Thread: 2003 Gen1 Tuono got wet & now it's sulking :(

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    2003 Gen1 Tuono got wet & now it's sulking :(

    Hi all,

    Can I pick your collective brains on this one please?

    Got caught in a downpour this morning (not for the 1st time) & all was well during the ride. Bike then stood outside in the rain for 2 hrs before being bought into the dry.
    4 hrs later came to ride it, switched on the ignition & the R/H indicators (front & rear) are now on all the time with the front one so bright that the heat started to melt the indicator housing itself. The dash light is also on.
    The left hand indicators will function normally & the flasher relay can be heard operating ok with the dash light going on & off. The right hand ones are still on all the time.
    My thoughts were water ingress in the bar switch gear so I opened it up, cleaned it with contact cleaner then used a heat gun on moderate heat (I could just about keep my hand in front of it) for 20 min without any joy.

    This has happened once before straight after a wash on the drive but did not have any time to investigate so when I came back to it 3 days later, it had dried out & all was well, typical!!!

    Has anyone else had these symptoms & if so did you solve them?



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    As it's aGen1 its almost certainly (famous last words) the flasher unit. I haven't studied mine, but if it's like a relay module, with some fine blades you can take the cover off, with a bit of care, and inspect the innards.

    Easier still, swap for a known good one, if you can.

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