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    Hello Everyone

    I have been riding bikes for the 10+ years on a 1000cc. Currently I own a GSXR 1000 K6. In the past I have owned both TLS & TLR V-Twins. I am now considering selling my GSXR and buying a 2008 Tuono Factory. I am not exactly tall - 5"6 and everyone is saying the Tuono is a tall bike for me and I will be best suited to GSXR. I am going to find a dealer and do a test ride for myself to see how I feel. I don't commute on the bike. It will be just for weekend blasts weather permitting. The nearest dealer to me is Peterborough.

    Would you be able to kindly advise if there are any issues with this model and things I should look out for. I don't have the option of keeping the bike on charge but am able to fire it up once a week if I am not able to ride.

    Thanking you all kindly

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    Welcome mucker, just have a read on here on what to look out for.

    I had an 08 factory from new, did 30k miles and it never misbehaved once.

    Brilliant machine but forget the back brake.

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