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Thread: Engine change!!

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    Engine change!!

    After the bottom end went in my 2009 T I replaced it with a very low mileage 2006 I picked up for 600.
    It's been an emotional few weeks. After my bike shat it's self the quickest and least complicated choice was to change the engine. It was fairly plain sailing to begin with until the electrics got mixed up.
    I posted on here about stepper motor faults and tried out all the fixes but nothing worked. All my concentration was to the stepper motor and couldn't get to the bottom of it.
    Turns out that 2 plugs that are nothing to do with the stepper motor got mixed up. They are the cam sensor plug and another one that goes into the left side of the air box. The diagnostics was feeding me a red herring and giving me the run around.
    A simple mistake that cost me a week of head scratching.
    Bike is now back on the road and ready for the weekend. BOOM!

    Thank Feck. image.jpgimage.jpg
    Thanks from bazza

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    Bit of masking tape with the connection written on it does wonders if you have to do something like that

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    Glad you got it sorted Renbo

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    Yes I agree. Masking tape and a note where it came from

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