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Thread: high mileage what's yours done

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    I've had my 03 since 2010 with 21k miles. Now I have 51k and took a 2up trip from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Albuquerque,New Mexico last fall. Well... 2up on the way back. No engine issues to date. Attachment 4082.

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    had 75k smiles on mine!

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    I spend about 6 months searching for a low mileage Tuono, eventually found one, a 2006 Gen 1 with 7222 miles on the clock, and had to pay 4 grand for it, but it was a proper minter. Now, with a F/S/H, i have got a bike that should last me as long as i want it.

    Goes like stink, sounds like thunder and scares old ladies ;0)

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    2012 V4 Tuono APRC with approx 27k on the clock.

    Bikes are for riding

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    123,000kms on the Tuono now. Thinking of doing the cam chains as it sounds a bit like a Suzuki at idle. Still goes like a cut cat though, especially after I took out the restrictions in the air box and the midpipe.

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    Hello everyone its been a while.
    So i bought a racing and i am on the AP page and too just forgot password for here but remembered now haha.

    I have bought the high mileage one and i am currently doing bits and pieces to get it looking little more carbon.
    this is the before picture

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    Gen 1 had 65000klm when I sold it and ran perfectly, Gen 2 has 75000klm on it and still runs fine. As with all machinery it is how it has been looked after that determines it's life span.

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