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Thread: Fitting a Scott duel oiler

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    Fitting a Scott duel oiler

    Has anyone fitted a duel Scott oiler to their Tuono? I am loosing the feeding tubes when I reverse the bike when parking. It's the only real problem I've had with it.
    MY 2007 factory has 5500kms now, so I've just changed to the 15 tooth front sprocket. Can't wait till I next go for a spin and see how different she performs.


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    I fitted a duel kit and haven't had any problems,other than having to clean the wheel more often damn those white OZ's.The tubes must be to close to the chain

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    I fitted a thing called a Pro Oiler. Blarty brilliant thing - gives a drop of oil every few thousand rotations of the rear wheel (tapped into speed sensor). Doesn't fluctuate with the weather (warm / cold) or drip while standing at the lights.

    Still need to clean those sodding white OZ wheels like with a scottoiler though!

    I run it with scottoil in it, and haven't adjusted my chain yet.

    An auto chain oiler is the way to go fo sho.

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